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Our charity donations

With your support, we've raised over $135,000 for our community in charity donations. Here's a list of all those we've helped out over the years. Could it be your charity receiving a donation this year?

If you know of a local charity that could do with a financial boost, please get in touch as the profits from our annual event are dedicated to helping out the community

We're proud to be supporting these charities this year. 

A House for Karen

In Karen’s memory “The Karen Cornelia Trust” has been established, (a charitable trust formed under the Charitable Trust Act 1957) with the vision of supporting families with cancer by providing positive and unique experiences to enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of life.

Following Karen's death, her sister in law, Annamarie Brbich had an idea to provide families suffering with cancer a holiday together, at no expense to the family.

From this initial idea, following discussions with family and friends, a larger plan was developed. The idea of having a bach by the sea would give many families the opportunity to have a special holiday on an ongoing basis and following inspired discussion it was decided to form The Karen Cornelia Trust - a Charitable Trust in Karen's memory to achieve this outcome and thus the 'A House for Karen' project was initiated.


TDHB Chaplaincy services

Our Charitable organisation ICHC (Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy) delivers support and spiritual care to 47 Hospitals around New Zealand. We train and oversee 354 volunteers in this amazing work. Here in Taranaki we support Taranaki Base and Hawera hospitals with 36 volunteers currently operating week in and week out. This work includes ‘On Call’ provision for our community in Taranaki to be supported 24/7. This support is seen by DHBs around NZ as vital to the wellbeing and recovery of patients in our Community.

Current funding continues to fall short of opportunities to train and upskill our Volunteers to keep up with the changing issues challenging our society. To understand and support patients and families who face issues like Anxiety, Loneliness, Suicide, Family Violence have become priorities. This comes alongside our team already supporting patients who are battling life changing diagnoses and often left with a huge loss of independence. Funds are also required for small projects to promote awareness of our work in the Hospital and Community.  

2019$2,000TDHB Chaplaincy Services
$2,000A House for Karen
2018$7,000Hospice Taranaki
$500Cystic Fibrosis
$500Special Olympics
2017$10,000Taranaki Cancer Society - Major
$1,000Taranaki Retreat
$1,000Conductive Education Taranaki Trust
2016$10,000House for Karen
2015$12,000Hospice Taranaki - Major
$1,500House for Karen
$1,500Look Good Feel Better
2014$8,000Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust – Major
$2,000House for Karen
2013$10,000Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust – Major
2012 Nil
2011$10,000Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust
$1,500Big Brothers Big Sisters  -  minor
$1,500Life Education Trust -  minor
2010$7,000Lantern House
$1,500Big Brothers Big Sisters
2009$5,000Men’s Cancer Group
$1,000Life Education Trust
$1,000Westown Scout group
2008$7,000Taranaki Independence Games 09
2007$2,000Rotary New Plymouth
$2,500Energy City Harriers
2006$4,000Taranaki Arthritis Foundation
$4,000 HELP Trust – Youth Suicide Prevention
2005$3,000House for Karen
$2,000Taranaki Parkinsons Society
2004$3,000House for Karen
2003$1,000Taranaki Hospice
2002$2,000Taranaki Rescue Helicopter
2001$2,000Life Education Trust
2000$1,500Taranaki MS Society
1999 Nil
1998$1,000Matthew Muller Appeal
1997 Nil
1996$1,000Canteen Taranaki
1995$1,500Victim Support
1994$650Cystic Fibrosis Society
$100Chris Mercer Trust
$100Canteen Taranaki