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Let's get moving again - join us Sunday morning and Wednesday evening!

We've put together a plan that aims to reduce our risk of infection but allows us to get back to the outdoors and exercising as a group. With a few changes by restricting group sizes, maintaining social distancing and tracing contacts, please allow a bit of time ahead of the run/walk to follow the new processes.

 Read our policy here         Read our contact tracing here.

Supporting runners and walkers achieve their goals

Join our club runners and walkers as we train for The Good Home Taranaki Off-Road Half Marathon on 18th January 2020.

We all love to support local, so what better way than to get in behind Cut-a-Trail event The Good Home Taranaki Off-Road Half Marathon. It's a beautiful course set at the stunning Lake Mangamahoe, just 10 minutes drive from New Plymouth. We'll be training for the half marathon distance, but there are shorter options available. New to the 2020 event is a two person relay team for the half marathon distance - perfect for a coporate challenges to boast about in the office! Find out more information, and to enter here. 

We hope you will enjoy running the half marathon clinic with us, please feel free to join us on Sunday mornings, all fitness levels catered for, no one gets left behind!

We have a great depth of experience within our members, ask any of our members for advice whilst out on the run, they will be more than happy to offer advice.

Medical Check Up

If it your first-time training for a half marathon or you have other health issues or injuries that may be a cause for concern, now is a good time to catch up with your Doctor for a medical WOF, or a visit to your local physio to make sure you are setting out on the right track, and that any issues or niggles are dealt with as early as possible.

The Secret of any Distance Training Plan

It’s not rocket science; it’s been done many times before and the main tenants of any distance training plan are:

Lots of Long Slow Distance for endurance, this is the number one must do run for the week, there is no substitute for time on your feet. One long run at the weekend, supplemented by some shorter easy or tempo runs during the week will build up the endurance you will need to cover the half marathon distance.

Some Hill Work for strength, in New Plymouth we are blessed with hills so you will probably be incorporating plenty of hills in your weekly running without designating a specific session to hills. However, for courses like the Good Home Off-Road Half Marathon, where hills are going to play a significant factor on race day, adding in some dedicated hill sessions will pay dividends.

Some Speed Work to improve your running efficiency and speed during steady state running. If all your training runs are at a slow steady pace, that is what you will train your body to do on race day. A little bit of speed work will build that muscle memory, efficiency and technique for faster running that will spill over into your steady state running.

Periodisation, simply put we want to ramp up our training over time, to give the body time to adjust to the greater training load. Rushing into the longer distances too quickly is risking injury. We then want to taper off towards the end to arrive fresh at the start line.

Specification, our training needs to be specific to the event we are training for, if it’s a half marathon we need to incorporate long runs in training, if it’s off-road, we need to incorporate some off-road in our training etc. We don’t need every session to be a mini version of the race, but we do need to gear our training towards the end goal and incorporate all the elements that will be needed on race day.

The NPJW Training Plan

The attached training plan is a suggestion, feel free to adapt the distances and days to suit your level of fitness and other commitments.

Long Easy – Keep your pace comfortable, you should be able to hold a conversation for most of the run, take short breaks for water stops or walking up the steeper hills if you need to, it’s time on your feet that is the most important factor.

It is important to build up your distances gradually over the weeks to give your body time to adapt to the training load, then tapper towards the end so you arrive fresh at the start line.

Don’t panic if you miss a week or are feeling like you aren’t up to the full distance one week, a rest week or two mid-program are recommended, take them where you need them, and just carry on where you left off.

Easy Recovery – Fairly short, easy run to help the body recover after the longer runs, rest or cross training is an option it this suits your lifestyle better. You should be able to hold a conversation the whole way around.

Tempo – Medium pace, medium distance, these should be run at a pace where holding short conversations are possible but increasingly difficult as the run goes on, you should reach the end of the run feeling like you have maintained a good pace, and have pushed the boat out a bit without having hit race pace. This is a good run for training the body to run at pace, a good combo run to complement your long slow run at the weekend.

Hills/Trails – Time to hit the parks and reserves for some hills and off-road running that will train the specific strength and skills needed for race day. A short sharp session, maybe an hour maximum with warm up and warm down but will leave you with a good sweat on. The effort will be quite hard on the up hills and conversations will be out! Rest/recover on the downhills and flats.

Short Fast – For most of us the half marathon is not an out and out speed race, especially for first timers, but a little bit of speed work built into your program will pay dividends. Pick a favourite 5km loop where you can warm up to race pace, hold race pace for a period, then warm down again. The whole loop doesn’t need to be at a fast pace, use your fitness to guide you and build up over time such that you are running more and more of the loop at a fast pace as the program goes on.

Keep a track of your times, these will be a good indicator of how your fitness is progressing, it is also a good idea to mix & match other events like Parkrun if you can, although it is a 5Km time trial, that small element of competition is enough to make you push yourself without even trying 😊    

If you're on Strava, share your run or walk with others to keep up the motivation. For more information and to sign up for free, Strava

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HALF MARATHON SUGGESTED TRAINING - guide only !  (Distance in Km’s)

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